Monthly Archives: April 2013

Stretches for Knitters

Let’s be honest folks, how many times have you set yourself ambitous knitting goals only to fail because your wrists/back/neck have become unbearably tense? It happens all the time. We at Biggan Design are no strangers to knitting injuries and so the lovely Biggan is sharing her stretch routines with us. They must be good because she is the fastest knitter in the west and her knitting arms get used … a lot!

Knitting ambition is good so check out these stretches, practice your posture and set out on your next knitting adventure with a better chance of finishing it quickly!

You can order yarn for your new project here in 4ply or in 8ply

Colour Card

free colour card april 2013


Just a little mini post, a bloglet if you like, to remind or inform you lovely people that you can get a free colour card with the whole dazzling array of Biggan colours if you buy yarn online before the 30th of April. Explore possible colour combinations, enjoy the softness of the Australian Merino, get lost in the scarf possibilities and, as always, wrap yourself in colour!