Messing about with colours


A few months ago I had submitted my big winter jumper project to the magic fairy Biggan for some emergency help, while it was away I found myself sorely missing the flash of colour in my life so started playing around with some colour shades. My dear mum was painting up colour wheels at the time and it got me thinking about the wonderful way all the Biggan yarn colours tone so well together.  Like any good knitter who relies on yarn and needles to while away the hours that should be used for more productive things I found a need to focus on fibre even when my project as in Biggan’s A&E for jumpers. So naturally I tried to mix up paints that would match the colours of my jumper, which as it turns out, is incredibly difficult!



I ended up wasting a good few hours messing about with cold and warm based colours. This led, through the usual series of bizarre decision my brain makes, to me deciding to paint out the words Biggan Design in half cold and half warm colours. A suitable mix of cool Swedish elegance and warm Aussie vibrancy, just like the lady herself.


As an extension of this I found an old colour guide that I had ‘done’ a few years ago, one of those things where you pay a super stylish lady to tell you which ‘season’ you are and dress accordingly. I am a little Spring lass so I thought I’d have a go at finding how many BD yarns matched those colours. Observe the resulting fun with yarn …

2013-04-04 01.44.21

2013-04-04 01.42.43

2013-04-04 01.38.42

So if you know another pale maiden with Spring colouring the you can try out some of these colours for the next project you make for them, or indeed yourself. I also went on and did another season using my Mums Summer colours which I’ll share with you soon. I’ll even go ahead and make a list of links to the yarn colours used in both and put it up at the same time.

Until then, Happy Knitting (especially if you are a politician who has suddenly found herself with much more free time). xx


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