Photo Shoot Flashbacks

Some of the beady eyes amongst you might have noticed that we got some new pictures on our website a few months ago. Well, it was all down to a fantastic day-long photo shoot with resident BD photographer, the wonderful Hannah Millerick.

Lovely Hannah

The Lovely Hannah

Check out her website to see more of her stunning work.


Now that the chosen few photos are up on the website I thought I’d show you some of the behind the scenes/extra snaps to give you an insight into our hectic day working with babies, toddlers and yarn!

Mischief, mayhem and yarn.

Mischief, mayhem and yarn.

As you can see everything looks fantastic but it wasn’t all pain sailing, You know what they say about working with children? Well, it turned out that while trying to focus toddlers on the camera required Ellie to break out her best yarn throwing skills  ….      Image 4

it was actually the blankets that proved the most difficult to work with. Trying to find the best way to capture all the texture and brightness of Biggan’s best blankets required a whole lot of messing around with pillows, binders and various other building blocks to get the perfect look. It was all worth it though as the blankets look good enough to eat in the final products. Yum!

 Image 15


It was a massive job that required hands on deck from everyone. Here’s a lovely snap of the Queen of the Shop knitting away to make sure everything is perfect.

Biggan Ryd-Dups in action.

Biggan Ryd-Dups in action

By the end of the day we’d gone from smiles all around to a little bit unhinged. Even the ever dedicated Eleanor was starting to loose it! Celebratory g+t’s at the end of the day were not just refreshing, they were necessary!


Losing the plot

Losing the plot


Fizzy rewards

Fizzy rewards


Until next time, keep knitting!

:)   Catriona

p.s. obviously all the nice photos are Hannah’s and the shoddy camera phone pics are my doing.

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