It seems if you spend your time, as I do, perusing the knitting related websites of the glorious internet, that it is almost mandatory for every knitting blogger to try their hand at hexipuffs at least once. I, dear blog reader, am no exception. I am not immune to the power of the adorable hexipuff or the blind hope that one day I might turn them into a glorious beekeepers quilt a la the famous tinyowl pattern from which they come. For those new to the wonderful world of hexipuffs do yourselves a favour and look up them up on Ravelry because even if you don’t want to make one yourself I guarantee you will be charmed by the creativity and enthusiasm of the pattern and people who are bravely attempting it.  Anyway, the reason I bring this up here on the hallowed pages of the Biggan Design blog is that I think bubbly Biggan colours are perfect for this sort of thing.

The idea came to me when I was procrastinating in my usual way by taking advantage of being in the BD office to play around with the shelves and shelves full of yarn. Now I must admit this often results in nothing more productive than me testing out which colourways or challenging myself to try create the most lurid possible jumper stripes in my head (hint: actually very difficult with Biggan yarn – they all go so well together)! On this particular occasion however I spied some pertinent stationary in the office and it sparked the idea in my head that a bright beekeepers quilt in Biggan colours would be FAB!


Stationary Inspiration

Stationary Inspiration


So I set about utilizing the ever so useful scrap yarn basket to see how it would look. I have been terribly slack when it comes to remembering to knit them but I think my little collection of hexipuffs that I’ve made so far are a delight, like a box of sweets.

IMG_00000012_edit_edit IMG_00000013 IMG_00000014 IMG_00000016 IMG_00000017_edit 

Apologies for the varying colour in  some of them – phone pictures are not always your friend.

One of the greatest things about the Biggan Design range of luxury merino yarn yumminess is that the colours are all so carefully selected by Biggan that you could be certain all 64 could go in your quilt and tone with each other wonderfully. Plus there’s the fact that the colours don’t change seasonally so will ALWAYS be available. The point is that, while very much doubt that I’ll have the dedication to finish them all anytime soon, I am seriously excited by the prospect of cuddling up a vivid bed of them one day.

Hope you are all having a good August, half way through the year already!


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