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Sometimes your average freelance knitting blogger and yarn enthusiast will find themselves a little lost for ideas. The overstuffed bag of yarn has been sorted, you’ve finished an exciting project and can’t bring yourself to work on any from the not-finished-so-I’m-ignoring-you pile. For me this particular malady usually strikes about this time of year, when the southern hemisphere temperature starts rising and the disturbing nearness of Xmas makes you give up before you’ve even started the planned projects for the rest of the year.For me there are two magic phrases that can lift this fog of seasonally out of sync knitting malaise. They are ‘vintage knitting books’ and ‘Susan Crawford.’

A while ago I was stumbling around a market in Noosa and snapped up my first little collection of old knitting pattern books. Other than the appeal of neatly coiffured ladies in grey scale knitted wonders what I enjoy most about them is that they can inspire you to be even more ambitious in what you attempt. When you’re mind is a bit sick of the old comfy jumper, scarves and hats routine it’s great to see old knitted dresses, suits and skirts. Now I’m not yet quick or disciplined enough to make myself a whole spiffy suit of wool (like the game lass on the front of Patons book) but it reminds me that a knitted garment, especially one made with lovey luxury merino, can be classy as hell as well as comfortable.


This lead me, as it usually does, to browsing through Susan Crawford patterns on Ravelry and trying desperately to convince myself that buying her pretty books just to stroke the pictures would be financially justifiable. Her Stitch in Time two volume series is quite possibly what I dream about at night, the bright and fresh reworking of vintage patterns with that smack of sub culture cool that really get hands twitching for some needles and yarn. If that were not enough she even has a spiffy cape made using Biggan Design DK yarn, specifically Light Khaki 495 and Black 000. Check it out here –

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So as I result of this meander through vintage knitting inspiration from print and internet distractions I’ve promised myself to try my hand at the Such Flattering Puff Sleeves jumper because it is amazing and I must have it, even though it may take me about a year at my current pace. I’m leaning towards a startling Scarlet colour (N0. 230 below) for soirees and gallery visiting and the like. Thoughts?

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