Reasons to Smile

This week I have more reason than usual to smile, as those of you who follow us on tumblr will already know. The super powerhouse that is Biggan Deisgn HQ have been furiously clacking away on their needles to get things ship shape and bristol fashion in time for a photoshoot for the website. As a result a larger than usual number of 4ply remnants have been created which is jolly good news for me. I’ve been given this delightful care package of colour which means just one thing – HEXIPUFF SUPPLIES!


Photo on 8-10-13 at 5.26 PM

Photo on 8-10-13 at 5.22 PM #2 Photo on 8-10-13 at 5.22 PM #3


Me + bag of little balls of yarn = manic smiles = attempting to throw them in air to illustrate said joy = failure. They went everywhere. Oh well.


Now that I’veĀ  covered my smiles it’s time to share a reason for North American Biggan fans to smile – Interweave. This year will host another special appearance from Biggan Ryd-Dups herself. She so adored her last trip she can’t wait to get back to, with her glamorous assistant/daughter Ellie, teach classes, sell products and generally share the fun of everything Biggan Design is about. She’ll be sharing her wisdom by teaching classes on Continental Knitting (trust me, go for it), Steeking and how to design a stylish knitted wardrobe.


If you’re geographically lucky enough to be nearby the event then check it out, you lucky thing!

Happy Knitting,






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